History and tradition


soto-en-cameros-historia y tradicion


Only within the wonderful, incomparable area of Los Cameros could such a beautiful town arise - not just because of the good folk of the town but also because of the large number of traditions that keep the magic, history and culture of the place alive.

But Soto truly stands out in culinary matters with a degree of quality born out of a commitment that brings together this unique land with the effort and dedication of her people. Her marzipans, created using almonds, sugar and a whole lot of love, are the symbol of the gastronomic richness of our land.

Hence there is a Designation of Origin for these products, a designation that highlights the outstanding quality of a product that is one hundred percent natural, recognised and the recipient of awards from food lovers around the world.


Trust the quality

Complete control. Checking over and again that the product you receive is the best: this is our daily mantra. Our staff work from dawn to dusk to create the perfect marzipan, to give it the colour and flavour that has made our brand a point of reference worthy of the finest gourmet. We only use the finest raw materials. Because we understand that when you shop, it is an investment in the health of your loved ones. For this reason alone all our effort in the areas of safety and in the oversight we perform is worthwhile. It is such a small price to pay to gain your loyalty, which is the greatest reward for a job well done.



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