Christmas returns and Soto marzipan is here to delight our taste buds.


Almonds and sugar. From there to heaven. Little more is needed. What's more, it is the perfect mix for a rounded product. Soto marzipan. From ground almonds and sugar, a paste is created; portions are placed on a wafer and then are baked until golden in the oven.  See full article.






Mazapanes de Soto Segura




Surprising, caring marzipans.

Mazapanes de Soto Segura is one of the companies that makes the most donations. "This started a couple of years ago with a defective batch that we had. It was fine for human consumption but not up the standards of our quality control so, rather than throw it away, we decided to donate it", states César Río, CEO of the company. From this point on, this flagship company from La Rioja has worked with the Food Bank. "We try to donate as much as we can. Particularly at Christmas; marzipan and marzipan chocolate", explains Río, who adds that "ours is not a basic needs product but during this period we provide a little cheer..." See full article.